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We Won a Gold medal with elegant piece in NY Cake Show 2015 named " PREET" which is a hindi name that means Beloved.. After more than 40 hours working with this project, it was worth it.

Just a Brief history of the Taj Mahal.. my Inspiration..

The Taj Mahal appears pink in the morning, white during the day, golden in the evening, and shining silver in the moonlight. Interestingly, the various hues that it takes on are said to reflect the different moods of a Woman.

A masterpiece in the true sense, the Taj Mahal has an aura of romance, a quality of perfect symmetry, and is one of the finest creations by man on earth. An epitome of love and beauty, an elegy in marble, enigmatic, captivating, enchanting―the list of epithets to describe the Taj Mahal seems to be never-ending. As you walk through the beautiful garden that lies in front of the Taj and look at majestic piece of architecture, you are automatically taken to a different world, words to describe it tend to subside, and you can to nothing but admire the beauty that the Taj Mahal is.